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Artist Statement:


     I have always been fascinated by the creative expression and diversity of an artist's work, whether it be an interpretation of a scene, idea or feeling.


     As I have progressed as an artist, I enjoy the challenge of creating commissioned works. The possibilities stimulate me as I apply an idea to a canvas. The image develops a life of its own encouraging a choice of medium, precise colour palette, light and shadow, brush or palette techniques until completion.

     My Birch Tree paintings are popular; I attempt to immerse the viewer into the scene initiating an optimistic emotional response. When I incorporate a pathway or light source within the image I reflect on a line from my favourite poem by Robert Frost:

                                                               "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood....."

     My message is straightforward; be positive and strive to live life to the fullest. I hope people feel a personal connection when they view my paintings and continue to follow my progression as an artist.



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